Estimates & Selections

Every project, big or small starts with an idea.

Our qualified staff can help you through each step of the process—design, material selection, cost estimating and fabrication. We strive to make this a pleasant and smooth process. Below are our recommended steps:

1. Plans / Drawings

You may provide us with measurements, your own drawings or architectural plans for an estimate. Your plans should have dimensions.

2. Material Selection

We offer locally quarried material options as well as a number materials quarried here in the USA.  We have a large selection of surfaces to choose from (thermaled, polished, split, leathered, etc.). Come to our facility located at 1655 Highland Flats Road Naples, Idaho to see them in person as well as a number of unique displays.  When selecting your material for the interior of you home, we recommend bringing samples of your paint or flooring selections.

3. Estimates

Once you have decided on a material for your project, we can give you a straight forward estimate. The estimate is based on your provided measurements and adjustments to actual will be made.

4. Options (Edge details, Surface)

Idaho Granite Works has a number of edge details. Our skilled craftsman can also fabricate a custom edge of your choosing. Our displays feature all our standard edge details as well as some of our custom creations.

Additional Considerations


Idaho Granite Works can create a number of finishes on your project including honed (flat matte), polished (flat glossy), and various textures (light, medium, heavy) as well as the varying the amount of gloss on the textured material (no gloss, semi-gloss, full gloss).  A thermaled surface is a great option for a natural look. We also offer a thermal satin finish and a sandblasted surface. Samples can be viewed at our facility.